SOMERS Jewelry

Somers Randolf
Somers Randolph is not a jewelry designer, he is a sculptor.
SOMERS jewelry starts its life as soapstone sculpture, hand-carved by Somers Randolph. To keep the integrity of the original soapstone, each piece is molded, cast solid and hand finished in a five step polishing process. Stone becomes silver and gold, the alchemy of the SOMERS collection.


But before there was alchemy, there was chemistry.

Somers Randolph is a nationally recognized sculptor. He has carved stone for over thirty years, in Santa Barbara, in Nashville, and now in Santa Fe. Hillary Fitzpatrick traveled from New York's high-profile fashion world to Santa Fe in 1999. She parked in Somers' driveway to tour Canyon Road galleries. He invited her for a cup of coffee. They were married just over a year later.

In the meantime, Hillary discovered a trunk full of his tiny soapstone carvings and decided to apply her fashion experience to a sculptor's whittlings. They cast the miniature sculptures in silver and gold, creating sculpture as jewelry.

To understand the appeal of SOMERS jewelry, simply wear a piece. Feel the weight of solid silver and pure gold. Experience its substance and allure at the throat, on the ears or wrist. This is jewelry that demands to be picked up and held, to be worn and cherished.